Blink in Time

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As an artist, I spend time looking for things in my surroundings that are beautiful.  Even in what can sometimes appear to be a hostel world, I want to remind people of the beauty all around.  It is through this lens that I create my art. 

During the last few years I have focused on finding a way to make my art more accessible and useful.  It was this search that led me to making clocks.  I start with my own photographs and illustrations to create distinctive clock designs.  Each design is then etched onto a zinc plate using a unique process I developed.   Even though multiple clocks may use the same image, no two clocks are identical due to the variables in the etching process.  Each clock has its own look and character.   When people see my clocks, some may see them as merely clocks, while others see them as art they can relate to and use. 

In making clocks, I capture a blink in time, forever preserving it.  From the purity of an opening flower to the graceful twisting of barbed wire, I capture the elegance of the moment.   Through my art I hope to inspire others to see the beautiful world all around.